Hi guys, it's me!

Hi guys! It's me, Starflight!! I am on the forum now!! Yay!~Starflight


Welcome to the forum!


Hi! I'm Kitkat26!! If you ever need anything, just put an @ sign in front of my name like this @Kitkat26

Is that copy and paste or a shortcut or somethings?

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Yeah I type hi I'm KitKat26 then I use a shortcut for the second part.

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Welcome to the forum @StarflightWOF if you need any help just @ me like this:

Welcome to the forum. I know how it feels...
i did that yesterday... Lol
Have a great time
not trying to sound like one of those people who have been on here for a long time

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Thanks, @IntelligentIceCream !

Why's nobody on HS? (Quietly in the corner, some guy named Eric Carmen starts singing: "All by my...self, I don't wanna be, all by my....self!")