Hi guys! I’m not sure if anyone I know from hs is on here, so does anyone wanna be friends?


Anyone wanna be friends? I don’t think I know anyone else on here!


Hi, if you haven’t done the discobot tutorial, do it now.

Here are some links to help you out:


Hello and welcome! This can be a little bit confusing at first, but don’t worry! @sophia71205 posted some good places to check out. The mentioned “discobot tutorial” can be started if you tap “Reply” in the bottom of this topic and then type “@discobot start new user”. You will find the tutorial if you click on your profile picture, then “Notifications” and lastly the letter icon saying “Discobot” or something like that.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any more help! :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the forum!

You have gotten a ton of help already! It is great that you know how to make topics! That is important… when you want to give advice or ask important coding questions! Make sure your search before you post something (SBYP) to make sure you are not copying anyone else’s ideas! That clogs the forum!!

Also, make sure you spend time reading everyone’s topics/posts, liking them, and replying positive things. And while doing that, make sure you are referring to the Community Guidelines!!

Simply insert the @ sign in front of any username to tag them! (This notifies the person) Do not hesitate to tag me if you have further questions!! Have fun! :blush:


@discobot start new user


Welcome to the forum, @Gardeningkittenpup. If you need any help you can just tag me by putting the “@” sign in front of my username.


Welcome codings hard at first (and can be for a while and still is for me) but it gets easier follow tutorials to help you and get ideas from featured projects of any of them! Have fun coding


Welcome to the forum!

Hi! Welcome!

My name is @Doughnut_The_Hole, and I love reading, and drawing!

Tips and tricks:

So you probably seen this guy hanging out at topics…
@, you use it to tag people like this:
@Gardeningkittenpup see?

Always be nice and friendly. If you are not, you might get a flag.
Like this:

Don’t spa.m people’s topics or make a topic with spam.
A lot of people make spa.m. Like for example:

An example chat of spam:

-Hi, I am going to talk about code. Check out my new game!

-I like pizza

Can you spot the difference between relevant and irrelevant?
I guess you did. You can tap the flag button for spa.m, inappropriate things, or off-topic.

Also remember to come here and like people’s reply’s a lot to earn badges or mabye regular!

What to do if you don’t know something:

If you didn’t understand some things that I said or have a question, tag me!





Oh hello welcome to the forums
This place is full of life, I think you’ll enjoy it.


Who’s alt are you




Hi I’m new to the forum, too


I have no clue what to do here! Ahh


To get things started type in @discobot start new user


Um I have. I still don’t know how the forum works. I won’t be on here much


Just ask me.
Go ahead.
I’ll answer any questions you have.


Hi! I’m RainbowPusheenicorn! Welcome to the forum! I recommend, reading some of the great topics mentioned above by other users and just spending some time getting to know the place!

Some suggestions:

  • Spend time reading different topics and posts! You can access many by going to the categories tab.

  • If you have a favorite Hopscotcher, type in their user name on the Forum´s search bar and review their posts.

  • The Hopscotch Team occasionally makes special announcements. You can keep up with them by going to the Announcement category on the Forum.

I understand how hard it is at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! If you ever need help just ask! Hope this was helpful, bye!


Hi guys! Does anyone want to know some games I’m working on? I think I figured this place out.


I would love to, and I’m sure many others would too.