Hi guys! I’m back!



Hola Hopscotchers,

I’m AwesomeBlossom😜! I used to be on the forum but I took a looong break, but I’m back! Bit of stuff for everyone:

  1. Code block requests are back! Request a custom code block here: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y1ik3p6xz

  2. The clubs I’ve made are NOT back, sorry guys. I’m just really busy these days.

  3. I’m making a Hopscotch newsletter. If anyone wants to make an article, please reply to this and say what you can write, for example, Trending Projects, Trending Hopscotchers, Unnoticed Hopscotchers, etc.



i rlly missed u!!! @AwesomeBlossom is that u?? welcome back!


Wait, really! I remember you! How have you been?


Wow, I have missed you a lot! Welcome back, do you remember me?


Thanks so much guys! I remember you all… Don’t worry. @HappyDolphin @Dude73 @William04GamerA THANKS SO MUCH!!! You just made my day.

By the way… I’m going to start using this account again…I accidently made a new account (I can’t believe I was so silly). Do you guys know how to delete a forum account?


You can’t delete your account unless a moderator does it.


Oh… Is there a way you can ask them or something? If not, it’s okay, I’ll just use this account. Thanks @William04GamerA


You can probably send an email to THT and ask them to do it.