Hi guys FCD here (I'm now a̶ w̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ a Member Yey! :D Thank u 4 badges My birthday is coming soon march 15th


Don't eat the lotus.


::::::::)))))))) :stuck_out_tongue: whatttttt?


Lightning thief reference.



@FCD are you in the OMTL


No I don't think so can u add me to it ??
And post the updated one here ?
I dunno how to edit yet


I can edit it for you! Be right back


Ok thx a lot wanna be friends??


Sure! -on the forum, did you see my topic?


@dolphin_coders got to go out to break text u in 15 mins


Ok bye! @FCD


Hi. I'm so bored.......


Hi wanna chat????


Hi @ tIneed help withh a topic about rules @hermione is helping me as well can u help?


Ohh hi FCD! :smiley: I see you would like to make a topic addressing some rules in the forum
:smile: I would be happy to help you out whenever you need, although I am not very sure of much myself.


Ok thx I'm going to start but I'm in a math lesson so later (wanna be frens)


Okay! (And yep of course! — I used to say that everyone is friends on Hopscotch :smile: because you can just have discussions with anyone, everyone is really friendly... :relaxed: )


Yeah :blush: you use a lot of emojis :grin:


Hi FCD :blush: yes I do use a lot of emojis :joy:

@Hermione tagged us in another topic now!


Hi @fcd! :)


100th reply!