Hi guys FCD here (I'm now a̶ w̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ a Member Yey! :D Thank u 4 badges My birthday is coming soon march 15th


@Thegreenbanana can u draw me a profile pic??


Sure what do you want?


What are you good at drawing animals humans ? What ever u wanna draw!!
(This is for my card background @Smilingsnowflakes can I use your drawing as my profile pic I will give credit :D
Hi @BerryFox what's up


Hi,, @FCD! :D

Belated welcome! Tag me if you ever need help!!

Also,, maybe you could ask @TheGreenBanana this in the drawing topic??

It would be more relevant,, but since you're pretty new,, I understand.

Here's a link: Drawing Topic


Cool !!'
Nice to meet u right ?


Nothing much—I'm just drawing and watching some YouTube. How about you??

Also - how about we take this to my general topic?

We don't want to clog the forum. ^^


Yeah sure thing can u tag me on your topic??


Of course! See you there! :)


@KVJ my title

:ppppp It's ok :cry:


What do you like?Do you like animals,flowers, music, undertale, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Pokémon,anything like that?


Did I upset you? :worried:


No that was a. Joke

The green banana I like
The land of stories


Ok. I'll see what i can do, i know that series .


Thx a lot !i like the Percy Jackson stories too !
@DMF likes


@Petrichor I am not awesome.... how did you creat that tag


You are awesome though.


Thx a ton Senpai!!


What can I add to this for a brother's birthday?


What is his favourite thing maybe add something more to the cake like fruits
What if you add a cracker it's good !!!
Oh and how old is he turning


He is turning ten. His favorite thing is either penguins or meese. Ok.