Hi guys FCD here (I'm now a̶ w̶i̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ a Member Yey! :D Thank u 4 badges My birthday is coming soon march 15th


Welcome to the forum! If you ever need help, tag me by putting an @ then my username, like this: @CandyflossClouds , and I will come and help you!

Also I live in the uk too! high fives


Do you like Harry Potter, @FCD?


Like your warm welcome dude

That's lotsa typing, how are your fingers


They hurt :sob:

E-v-e-r-y L-E-T-T-E-R!!!

I don't know why I wasted my time adding hyphens in between those letters...



Yeah love it love Hermione and Ginny the most !!!i've read the new books too



Nemo calls me overlord, but that's optional :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to le forum!


Hello overloadsenpai !!
That's your new nickname:D @kvj I heard you live in the U.K. Too how are you



You lose ;)


Hi. Welcome to Hopscotch And Hopscotch Forums!!!!


Who xD
Uh, yeah. If its not me, I feel ridiculous now lol


I have read Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts but not Tales of Beedle the Bard or Quidditch through the ages.

If you want to know of a huge Potterhead, search Kay Kat (on here or on HS.)


Overloadsenpai you are cool ! Do you support refugees?
I do
(I'm not one though


Hi @decodeco thx for the mass tag!!!!


@fcd i can't add mai self to the tag fren list, because your not a reggy and cannot make it a "wiki" can u add me on to it?


Wait, what? Did I do anything? I think I mass liked


Yeah sure

Friend list


Haha, thanks!!
I support refugees, but my username is that way because my cat's name is Refugee :smiley:


Which part of this is intended for me?


Hello overload senpai2 u are my overload senpai2
And yes meant that I read the books and I will search kaykat


Hello! Welcome to the forum! It's pretty fun here.
(also sorry im kinda late...)