Hi guys 888unicorns back!



888unicorn is my account with my sis but this is my account musiclover:musical_note: Give me ideas for my new project or just chat


In The Hopscotch Forums you can only ask questions and talk about hopscotch stuff! Maybe "chat" was not quite the right word to use!
Now for some ideas!
1.A collaboration project
2.A game
3.A song
4.Some art
Hope this helps


I agree with @AHappyCoder. I don't think you should chat randomly with hopscotchers. You can chat when you're talking about Hopscotch-related ideas or help! I think you can create a movie with different scenes or create some games like @t1_hopscotch's 2048 if you step up to the challenge! But anyways, you ca create games that are your level :grinning:


Hey, @AHappyCoder, me, friendship studios, and fifi the funny flower, are doing a Halloween collab! And we need one more person, so are you interested in joining?


I meant chat about hopscotch I know the rules:+1:šŸ»:grinning:


Hey guys it me musiclover