Hi everyone. We are working on cool stuff for the community.


Hello everyone. We are a group of Hopscotchers who are working on something cool for the community that should inspire people to make more code. Just as a little hint, check this out:


how am I supposed to check it out if the project is still a draft?


and I don’t know your HS username.


Cool! I’ll be sure to check the project out when you publish it.
Is HCS your Hopscotch username?


This sounds cool, although I have no idea what project you are making.


we said the same thing, but you did it in a nicer way


Yeah… hanging out with younger kids and trying to be happy and nice to them does that to a person :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone. It’s pretty cool I guess. :sunglasses:


Okay, everything seems to be ready to roll. We will double check but you should see our new project soon.


Awesome! Can you comment with a link to it when you are finished?


Okay, we’re doing it now.

Edit: FYI this topic was just to get this account approved so when we finish we could instantly post our topic


Hi, @HCS

I feel like you are avoiding everyone’s question. We would all love to view your project when it is done. But it would be great if you could provide your HS username, so we can also see other projects you have published. Also, next time if you could show us a pic of something other than a blank draft, that would be awesome!