Hi can you help me



I'm new to this can you please show me stuff I don't know :grin:_
if you want to follow me it's legogirl


Welcome! Check out the Community Guidelines, here! http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/community-guidelines/
If you need anything, type @RubyStars.


Welcome to the forum! :D

Here, we can discuss Hopscotch-related things, post tutorials, ask for help with code, help others with code, and more! :D

I would recommend looking at this topic, by @Yummy__Muffin:


Welcome to the Hopscotch forum! I'm sure plenty of people are going to give you advice... So. Yeah. But I'm sure you'll enjoy the community! Anyways. See you on the forum, remember to read the guidelines, and keep things on topic!


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Welcome! It's awesome here! I am codingCupcake123! If you need me tag me! Like this: @ and put my username right after
It sends a notification to me if you want to talk to me or ask for advice. You should know you get a limited amount of replies on your first day, but then there's no limit after today!


Welcome to the forum! :D

You'll like it here, there's lots of cool challenges and contests to join here and lots of Hopscotchers to meet! Here's a topic about tricks you can do on the forum.


Hello! Welcome! To Change You Profile Pic, Click On The M On The Top Right Corner Of The Screen. That's Your Notifications. Press The Gear In The Top Right Corner Of Your Notifications. That's Your Settings.

From Here, There Is An M With A Pencil Next To It. Click It.

From There, You Have Three Different Options. The Picture Shows It All.

Thanks For Seeing This Post. Have Fun On The Forum!