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Welcome to the forum!

What is the Forum?

the forum is a place to discuss what you are coding. This is also a place to learn how to code and meet new friends!

Trust Levels

trust levels are levels that give you permission to do certain things. For example, when you move up to regular, you have been granted to have more likes, have wiki posts, and to edit titles!

Sensored and blocked Words

sensored and blocked words are words that would not be used in a regular community. THT has blocked these words. For example, the word I used below was bullying. These words can include very bad ones.

Tips and tricks

  • get a profile picture! Download a picture or GIF off the internet and make it your profile picture. Or, use your own picture!

  • Be nice to people and they will be nice to you!

Community Guidelines

the community guidelines are rules to follow when you are on the forum.
There are many topics like this! Credit to @EnchantedHopscotcher
@Anonymous for the idea!


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