#HHC2016 Entry Feedback


I published my lousy game, and I want to know what you think.

Private poll:

  • Hbjdafhjbdfs- that's amazing
  • Great work!
  • It's not bad.
  • Not your best.
  • It could be a lot better, to be honest
  • Lousy. Just like you said.
  • POOP! That stinks! I hate it!





You've done an AWESOME job!
I got da score of 264 YASSSSSSSSSSS


I changed your title, is dat OK?


Yah, it's fine.and thanks.


You're welcome! :wink:


It seems like a great concept, but he only reason I put not bad, is because I have no idea how to play.


Did you read the directions? Under how-to? @Zachyswag


Awesome game! Just one question, are the other Halloween characters supposed to be there?


Nooo. Why? Did I mess up? panics


Yes, I did, but I don't understand the controls.


Oh. What didn't you understand?you just swipe bear left with your finger.


Great job! I'm going to like it on HS :slight_smile:


When I played it (I was on a computer, maybe that is why) the Halloween stuff were stacked on top of each other in a pile in the middle of the lower edge


I love this game! It's super fun to play, and the directions are really easy to understand :blush: Unlike most games, it's also easy to play in the web player =D


I like it, but on the browser version, the Bears were a little too fast, and it was hard to swipe them left. I love the background and the idea of the game, though! :D


It´s great, and I haven´t tried it out in the app yet.