#HHC2016 confirmed?


So I randomly went into the beta for now reason. I went, and found this tab:

:0000 could it be?


Not sure ¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯
Hey Zap


What is HHC?


Hopscotch Halloween Contest/Competition.


Hopscotch Halloween contest (I think). I've seen people talking about in on the forums, so I wanted to share this.


Cool find btw. I thought I was the only one still on the beta...


I hope! This was super fun last year, I can't wait!!


It was so much fun last year! I'm excited!


I don't see that??!
Is that weird


Are you in the beta version??


He said beta version.


The latest updated version??!
(That's what I'm on)


No, the beta version app. The actual app.


Can u send me a link of the app to download?!!??! @Himynameismeredith1
Or somebody else who has a link???!


Here you go @Paige1212


I have that?! @Himynameismeredith1
Is it just the regular app??'
Here is a screenshot on my iPad


It would be awesome if they have it this year.


No. click the link I posted, then click the link in that topic, download it. Trust it and a app that says Hopscotch Beta should come up. I deleted mine so I can't show u ;-;


Never mind I know the download thing!!!


Oh okay!