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Ok so this topic is for anybody or anyone who would want to showcase their submission for HHC2016 or giving behind the scenes on what their making. You can also give help for other people, not doing a collab with people but giving them advice on what problems they have with some code. Oh yeah, you can ask for help here too! So I'll start this off,

Here's my code for my Pokemon battle simulator, Halloween themed.
I'm making pretty good progress for each of the moves. I'm just gonna ask, how would the turn base battle system work?

Also btw here's my progress on my submission: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yb7wwx6rg


Awesome! Great idea.

Me and Smishsmash are doing a Halloween collab that we might submit if THT allows collab submissions and we finish on time. If we don't end up submitting it I'm planning on a Halloween themed Mr. Jump trail art (changing the colors, design, maybe character, etc.). Maybe I'll add spooky music. :jack_o_lantern:


Well good luck! :D


Maybe I'll make spooky trail arts of Halloween related thingos

And some pretty spooky music too (I haven't worked on something music related in a while...)


Thanks! Same goes to you!

I doubt that I'll win since it's just trail art (not very interactive) but maybe if I'm feeling up to it I'll have a menu where you can chose different Mr. Jump levels/scenes? :thinking:


My project barely fills in the spooky factor, just with that Skeleton charizard their ;/


Also if I can get super lucky, I might make it on the THT's YouTube where they the HHC game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Could anybody make a bg for my submission? If I win (somehow) you'll get the credit, and I'll spam like you.. A lot (if not already)

It's fine if you don't want to.

Gonna tag the artsy people

@SmilingSnowflakes (u draw)
@Rawrbear (your bgs are great)
@XiaoMiaoMi (Sorry to bother you)
@Maltese (Maybe?)

Here's the project btw (just remix it)



It says the project doesn't exist... Did you publish it? If you've published it, I'll remix it off your account.


Try the link again ;D


Good idea!
I'm not gonna spoil my game yet, but it'll include the spooky version of Octo :D