Heyo, it's ChibiBerri πŸ‘‹


uhh, hey!

i joined the forum a couple of hours ago anddddddd im stuck. im kinda confused on how this works, so if you have any advice, please tell meee :woman_shrugging:t2:

and thanks for my second feature! I really appreciate it.

β€’ ChibiBerri

why does it take so long to have a post submitted i have like; two pending


It’s only like that 4 your first day so don’t worry also some people get kinda mad when new users make so many topics

Me and my 30 topics with 0 replies


hehe, ok, thanks!



Im SapphiraDonut! (you can call me saph)
I saw you on featured so hoi!
If you need any help, just tag me.

Like this @SapphiraDonut .
I would also recommend using the search bar to help with how to make a poll, things with text, etc.


oh yeah i remember you ( ^Ο‰^ )

oh and i love your art btw


tanks dood <33!


Heyo! I’m yaygirls
If you need me, call me like this @yaygirls


hi @yaygirls! nice to meet you!


Hola! It’s nice to meet you too


oh, and tysm to all the people who welcomed me to the forum!


yo welcome to the forum!


thanks! it’s pretty cool here (οΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎ)


Welcome I like your Easter trail art!


welcome to the cult


You can call me xse.


Hi @Ducks_Happy Ducks are happy on the app btw but you can call me ducki!!!
Also nice gt
I say that whenever I walk into a gt :grimacing:


Welcome! I saw on HS on which you said that you joined. Congrats on featured! You’re a great coder!


Hello xse.

Healey seems annoyed




You know, I think you are gay and calling him gay is just your attempts Tock attract his affection