Heyo! I'm New to the Forum!


Hi guys! I’m X, and I’m new here. IDK when this will reach you, but…



Hey there X! Welcome to the forum!

(Someone else will probably give a better introduction that me but..)

Have a good time! See you around :ok_hand:
Have fun, be cool, and be excited to learn!

If you need help, just tag me while you are writing a post: @JonnyGamer
It’ll send a message to me, and I’ll be right over!


hey! welcome to the forum!!!
if u need help just tag me :D


not sure who moved this so you couldnt see it

Hello! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Here is a post I wrote that might be of interest:

If you are new here, read this!

non shady form: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/if-you-are-new-here-read-this/40039?u=memorablechickenyay

Hope you have fun on the forum! Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey welcome to the forum
If you need anything just tag me @FATTCAT


Hi there and welcome!
If you need anything, tag me at @Panthera

Some basic tricks and tips:

  • There’s a 20 character limit. To avoid this, do this < aaaaaaaa> but remove the spaces

  • text doesn’t always have to be black. see? It can be blue too. doing this < a> turns it blue. Doing this < /a> turns it back. (in both cases, remove the spaces)

  • hey look! I’m small! Doing this < sub> makes me get smaller! (Don’t forget to remove the spaces!

  • hey look! I’m big and bold! Just type in < big> to get this. (Remove the spaces though)

well, there you go. A guide to some useful things for the forum. See ya!


Hey @HeyoMyNameIsX! My name is Kitkat26! Welcome to the Forum! If you ever need anything, just tag me like this: @Kitkat26!


Hello “X” and welcome to the forum! To learn about the forum, I’ll suggest viewing the topics that other people posted above. Write like this in a post: @William04GamerA if you ever need any help or want to talk. That will send me a notification so I can help you as soon as possible!