Hey! You probably don’t know me because I only started today. My hopscotch username is PurplePig.


Hey! You probably don’t know me because I only started today. My hopscotch username is PurplePig.


Hey purple pig!

Tag me if u need anything by typing @ before my username!
Like this @FRENCH_WAVE123


Hi Purple-pig! Welcome to Hopscotch. I hope you can make some amazing Hopscotch projects.


Could u post some links to your projects?


Why is this on global edit again?


Hi! Welcome to the forum, I’m Mark, my profile picture is me and my friend Adam.


Purple pig d9ntbelieve everything she says lol


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome ti the foeur


If you need help, or just wanna talk, call me like this:


Hello and welcome to the forum and to Hopscotch @Purple-Pig! Feel free to ask me if you need anything.


i really really doubt you’re new


It says she joined 6 hours ago (for me) on the forum.


psh that doesn’t mean anything


You can’t be suspicious of every single person that joins the forum?? Uhh some people believe it or not actually are genuinely new wow

This isn’t directed at you it’s just. A major problem on here that people are way too suspicious


um? it’s the internet. i have a right to be suspicious. u can’t trust everyone on the internet (i’m not exactly talking about this situation, there just isn’t a law saying that i can’t be suspicious)

sure ok then


Of course you have the right to be suspicious!! But if you were new and someone immediately went “oh you’re just an alt pretending to be new” it kinda seems rude?? Idk
I was never saying it was illegal to be suspicious

Your post was just the most convenient to reply to?? Uhh
I probably shouldn’t have replied to your post, my bad sorry


well, we haven’t gotten new people for awhile. they all have been alts
i’m not the only one who automatically assumes either

k sorry

i haven’t been too happy lately so sorry for my ■■■■■■ + snappy mode lol


Welcome to the forum, @PurplePig

Start off by replying to the latest topics, and you will be golden! Be sure to read a ton, before making anything new just yet!

Are you new on Hopscotch? I think I just need a clarification on that!

Tag me if you have questions or need advice.


@Kayro that’s Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren


No, it’s me and Adam Driver