Hey. PurpleWave here (or VCM)


Hi. Well...

I don't know, I just wanted to say hello :stuck_out_tongue:.

How are you today!?



Welcome here! I'm Bluedogmc! If you need help, tag me like this: @bluedogmc-official ! I'm glad you got Shang of the forum so well! How did you figure everything out already? You're a Fast learner!


Thanks! Was this how?



Yep! I got a notification that you tagged me, so i came here quicker! You can tag people, and there is a List of people who would liked to be tagged to help on your topic! I'll find it, hold on...



Click on that link and copy the tag list from there. That will bring attention to your topics! Read the rules of using it tho!


Hi, @VanillaCakeMix! Welcome to the forum. :D
Here are some links you might want to read!


Feel free to tag me any time at @RubyStars!



I'm Komplettverrücktjunge on HS, but call me KVJ!

Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you want help!


I thought you were going to say your leaving​:joy: You scared me!


Hi @VanillaCakeMix I am @Hermione!
I love coding and my name is DiamondStars on HS!
I am a fan of yours and I :heart:︎ your projects!
@ me when u need me and I'll come straight away!


Hi! Welcome to the forum! @VanillaCakeMix!

It's Crazy_cake :D


OMG Yassss @VanillaCakeMix!

I have been SUCH a fan of you!

I followed like ALL your accounts, just to stay connected with you!

I'm so glad you joined the Forum!


Welcome! The forum is SOOOOO awesome! You will love it! If you ever need help rage me like this @EP125. I'm EP125 on Hopscotch too. Remember to always be nice and to keep things Hopscotch related. I hope you have an awesome time on the forum!


Thanks, hopscotchers. I couldn't reply bc I was watching a movie w/ my dad. Lol. Thanks!


Your welcome!

I so happeee you joined! :D



You're gonna have an awesome (and crazy) time here!

I'm so happy you joined!! I LOOOVE your projects!!! :DD


I don't think I mentioned how big a fan I am of you… thanks so much for actually following me!!!!

Also congrats on the follow from @Madi_Hopscotch_!! That's awesome!


I'm always up for making you happy! :slight_smile:


Turns out this persons a fraud... Not the real PW SW VCM TB, whatever she is now.