Hey please collab with me

Hey guys please collab with me. If you want to collab I will accept 4 other people. If you want to collab tell me your Hopscotch name!(mine is TooKewl4Skewl)


Look in my bio to see my hs username

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I wood. But you copy. Sorry no

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Sees topic and enters
looks at user
quickly exits topic and wishes to never see that one guy again

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Dude don't be rude

That might hurt his/her feelings

Apologize to them

you do realize this persons account is just copies of other projects?

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Doesn't mean u have to be rude

Maybe they copy because no one ever offered to help them code

I feel like there's always that one person that is impossible to explain to, and you need to apologize every time, I'm sorry, but its really bugging me badly, and mentally restraining myself is hard, so calm down a notch, thanks.


No I'm. It going to clam down cause I'm already clam

I was always that person that everyone got mad at. So if I see that happen to someone else, I'm going to stop it

Instead of rubbing in the fact that all of his projects are copied code, maybe ask if you can help him code

And please clam down a notch

Plus, I don't get worked up on here anymore cause I know that it won't lower my popularity based off what happens here
I won't become a geek,nerd, weirdo

you know what? fine, you get the last laugh. I really can't care at this point.

I want last word too my dude

whats with the mr. mustache trail art then?

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Can we please not talk about this? Lava is saying that they don't copy so I would just accept it and move on.

I got u bro

@Steelhooves read his posts and stop bugging him

the least you could've done was show me the post... I saw it. qq, why didn't you trail art some other character, instead of fully copying the code? Why not find the code tricks to trail art another character?

Why not teach him if you care so much?

if i really had such a talent in trail art i might have taught him. but do I? no, not at all.

I don't either

I stink at coding

Hi @LavaBurst!

I would collab with you but I already have a partner and I'm partially not interested.

I'm sorry if this offends you but I don't really trust you. I'm sure your a great person but after what you did I don't have as much interest.

I still believe you will be able to fix your mistake sometime :)