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In the defence of @FearlessPhoenix.

The Chessy Appetiser

Recently, I have seen some hostility and harshness towards one of my friends, because of the 10th version of "Drawing on Paper Compared to Drawing on an iPad (shading, shaping, etc)." - also known as "the Drawing Topic"- she has created. They expressed their anger towards her due to the fact that they were infuriated by how she made her own version of said topic without the original maker of the thread, LazyLizard's permission.

I have recognised the importance of "the Drawing Topic" in the Forum users' minds and hearts over the months I've spent on this site. As well as the fact that the creator of those threads shall have LazyLizard's permission the recreate. I can see it is similar to a tradition being passed on. As said, the friend of mine, in this case, broke the "rule" we have created ourselves.

"Normal" Wording

(After laughing while reading my hilarious flowery-worded speech...)
Guys, why are you people so angry? If you don't think a drawing topic made without LL's permission counts as a real drawing topic, don't post your art on there then. What good comes out from attacking FP and forcing her topic to shut down? That just creates drama, drama, and more drama.

You don't want to hurt someone's feelings like that, don't you? It is just unnecessary to force someone to believe in your opinion. Besides, anyone can make a drawing topic. And it would be a drawing topic as long as it serves it purpose - for artists to share art.

Let's be a bit sympathetic and think about what you say to people.

Ha. I am laughing as the cringe I have typed down on my laptop.

Well, I do not expect people to actually "chill" after reading this thread. There are a lot of things I wanted to say. But I guess it is better to express my feelings towards this Drawing Topic incident through a sarcastic tone. You can either takes this as a joke or a serious speech. If you do think that I was serious, please leave my friend Fearless along. Though you may think that it was wrong for her to "make a copy", it still isn't very nice to attack someone, amirite? :)

Thank you, Lucy (surname) "StarryDream"


First belongs to me!!!!!!!


Someone said it.


It's nice to have someone agreeing with meh :3


Wheee I love being professional about this whole shebang
honestly I just want it to be closed, because having people post drawings on there promotes the image that it is, in fact, a real drawing topic, when it, um, isn't.

i am using too many commas today


I 100% agree! I think @FearlessPhoenix is an amazing person, I don't think anyone should be mad at her.


First of all, was a whole topic really needed to tell a people to be nice to Fearless?

Second, I agree with @OnceUponATime. Those drawing topic rules keep us together. If I don't need the creator's permission, can I just make my own right now? I mean, Fearless's isn't official so.....


I agree with you!

I don't have much to say right now though....


But she may not have read the rules. So cut her some slack.


Wow...okay.. thanks... I...wow... Thanks, @StarryDream, @MelodiousParrot, @Ihasfluffycupcakes, @XLibbyX, @Explorer_ and @Lollypopcorn... means a lot... Starry, that speech tho... hehe.. thanks. As for the support, I guess it doesn't matter that much. After today, you won't see me around much..


Yes! I completely agree with this! A hundred percent! I'm so happy there are others who think so! This topic is awesome!




Awesome!! Wait what happen? Lelelel


Do to the 10th drawing topic! I get to keep it instead of dumping it in the lounge!


Awesome!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! :D


I know! My cringey art is up there now.. in celebration. Laugh at my crazy OCs! :slight_smile:


goes off to see yours characters


Thank you, guys! For the support and agreement! ;D

One more note, I did not make a topic for the sake of telling people to be nice to @FearlessPhoenix, duh! I created this thread for other purposes as well. One of them is to respect other people's opinions, and how we should express our opinions reasonably. :)


So many commasssssss