Hey! Need help? IM HERE!


Hey I'm here if you need help bros I can help you make ALMOST ANYTHING!!!
I have a YouTube Channel it's called TheShinyLizard, ans if you need help I'll help you my Hopscotch name Is Flame82 so that's why I made this Flame82 FYI, if you need help with music sry but I ■■■■ at that but everything else I'm good at.

-Your Bro


Welcome to the forum! I an about to check out you UT channel!:smile:


Does your channel have Bloons TD stuff on it??


Yes it does have Bloons and other stuff also!


Hi! Welcome To The Forum! You Might Wana View The Community Guidelines!


Hello guys I'm new and I like turtles


It's ok ps:I like turtles


Welcome @WDDog, remember not to share personal info! :D


Ok dodododododokakakakakaky!