Hey it's me so cool / Goku's general topic!


Hey guys I'm goku and I am goku97 on hopscotch




Welcome to the forum, @Goku! You can notify me by putting a @ in front of my username! You'll have a great time here!


Hai @Goku!



Great place to look when you're getting started in the forum

Cool thing to know

If you click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen you can see notifications, settings, bookmarks and the log out icon.

If you click on the word "Goku" (Mine is AwesomeJediE) you can view your profile. There is Activity, which shows what you've been doing; Notifications, which lets you know what happened recently that involves you; Badges, where people see the badges you earn (like "Welcome" (when you first join); and Summary, which has info about your stats.

If you click on Preferences you can edit your profile (e.g. Profile Picture) and settings (e.g. turning off emails the forum sends you).


Hi people who are you


We are Hopscotchers. If you click on our account names you can read about us


Hey there! Welcome to the forums!


I am StarryDream AKA StarryDesk AKA Sweg Desk AKA Starry AKA StarryDrewm AKA Lucy


Have I wElCOme you yet?

WElCOme! Tag me anytime!


Welcome @Goku!! You will love the community here!!


Welcome to the forum, @Goku! Tag me anytime like this: "@BellaWafflez17" (without the quotation marks, of course!)
My Hopscotch username is iWaffle, by the way!


Hi @Goku !! Welcome to the forum ! Anytime you need help or you need a friend , just tag me as @Silverdolphin !! You will love this place !!


Hey @Goku I'm here! Wait lemme invite @GreekGoddess2468 I'm sorry we're just besties. Here's a meme for u fren!


@Laura you are the best!
1. First liek on my meme
2. Ur background is LITERALLY what one of my family's cats looks like! It's Sugar- check my profile.
3. Ur pfp is so cute and the best!
4. So is ur bio!


OMG​:heart:️Thank u so much! U da best too!


You guys I am back


Both of you guys are the best :grinning:


@DECODECO come to my general topic