Hey? It's EnchantedHopscotcher. With a Diff. Username


Hey guys! I used to be EnchantedHopscotcher… you pribably don’t remember me lol… but now I’m just.joy because I forgot my password to the forum XD

I’m coming back because there is a coding competition in my country (a specific state, not saying) where you code an app, and I’m doing it here inn hopscotch. Let me just take your opinions.

Gould I work on it with my friends? I have a friend where she always wants to do all the work in the beginning and then she looks at my answers at the end when we do an assignment D: dunno if I should team with her… I have another friend who is a good worker, but likes things all her ideas…

idk what to do ahhhhhh halp me lol

So hey, I’m back… I’m creating a topic all about my project so yeah… it’s gonna be EPIC cuz it’s for a competition lol

k bye


Ay you are backkkkk ok


That is really cool, welcome back! I have missed you.


I remember you! Welcome back




Welcome back, Enchy! Did you use a throwaway email? Otherwise you can reset your password to your old account.


Yay I back!!!
I was sad dat u left and now I’m happy


@just.joy Hey! I know you! Remember me?


sorry @Work_kids_coding, @paige1212, @MR.GAM3R, @AHappyCoder, @Kitty4U, @BellaWafflez17, and @William04GamerA, I didnt realize that they aprroved my topic until now!! thanks for the welcome, i really appreiciate it :D


Your back!


yeahh, but not very actitve :grimacing: