Hey,im new to the forum,but not hopscotch!


Im new to the forum.but im old for hopscotch.can you send some ideas?


What ideas do you need? I'll be glad to help


Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Here is a topic to get you started:

You'll have a great time here at the forum!

So basically the rules are
-keep safe and don't give out personal info(address, full name, face, ect
-keep it hopscotch related
-be nice and kid friendly
- have fun!
Ideas for games:
- Virtual pet
- Optical illusion
- trail art of a favorite animal
(I'll add more as I think of them)


Ya do lightning strikes idea! Virtual pets are awsome and helps exercise using values


I like games.they are good.I make some awesome games


What's ur hopscotch username?


Welcome to the forum! @Electogenius! :D

Make sure to check out the community guidelines!

And learn some cool forum tricks here!:

Your going to have an awesome time here!
What is your username on hopscotch? I'm Crazy_cake :D


My name is electogenius even in hopscotch.


I like your projects! :D


I'm so late.

Welcome @Electogenius!! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime!!


Welcome @Electogenius! I hope you have a great time here!


Welcome to le foroomz!
I have an idea: Make some pixel art! Lots o people are making pixel art!