Hey! I'm new to Hopscotch Forums!



I just wanna say a little about myself! :grinning: Well one, is I've been playing Hopscotch for about a month now, ( I know it seems short, but I'm actually really skilled! ) My Hopscotch name is AthenaCookies NOT MarshmellowBear, I love coding, please follow me and like my projects and stuff! A little about my Halloween contest entry is That it's a Pumpkin Carving game, except it is better than the plain old ones, it has a moving candle, a ghost, and stuff so ya.
Please tell me anything I might need to know about Hopscotch Forums! I literally JUST started! Thanks!


Well, you can change your characters on this forum by tapping your little things and picking the setting. This will help you get better at code and will help. Happy coding!


Hi, welcome to the Forum! The forum is for asking questions, doing collabs, and sharing your knowledge with the other people in the Hopscotch community. Hope I helped, and happy Hopscotching!


Check out this wonderful post by clicking here and here for the FAQ. To know how to have the blue links, click here. Anyways, welcome! You'll meet many nice hopscotchers here who will help,you,@MarshmellowBear! Just remember not to share your personal information and have posts that are Hopscotch-related.