Hey, I'm Malie, a hopscotch artist


So some of you may have saw that other topic, NOTHING ON THAT WAS TRUE (except about my hobbies) MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED! This is me for real, and I'm going to introduce myself for real.
I'm Malie, a slightly known Hopscotcher mostly known for art. I like surfing, swimming and sewing. I love writing and reading. I'm always doodling chibi Harry Potter people, and I've gotten pretty good at hand drawing. I always take requests so feel free to request. Umm, ya. So please, if you read that other topic, please remember that wasn't me, I was hacked, and a lot of the stuff that was written is not true about me AT. ALL.


You can edit that other topic!


I know I did, and I deleted all the writing :slightly_smiling:


So that was not the real you I was talking to?


Ya, someone hacked my account, I'm guessing it was my cousin.