Hey I'm back oh sry about my short temper


I was originally going come back later but I had help my dad with a little bit of paper work for getting the new rs not wanting to brag but here it is lol I can't take pictures for getting flag for the third time for privacy or what not


Welcome back!


Ughh I'm going have my hands full this summer so I might not post to much I might list why but I might get flagged so I'll just list 3 but their is much more
1. My mom sent me away to camp which begins soon
2. Practice driveing for my drivers license
3rd one is going put me long overbroad on the flagged side so rply to me if I should


wait how old are you​:flushed::flushed::flushed:if that's fine if I ask @Vortex.inc


Almost 18 my mom thinks I'm a 9 geez but the camp will help see if I belonged at my Mountin house


Also my first meme was my cousin but now I'll do gifs


And if the next question is my gender #facepalm


insta mood changer also I'm at 3% battery so yheay
My new signature live to code on then listen to the intro to try not cringe 4# I'll put a link later


wow you are probably one of the oldest hopscotchers


Also to be honest my dad owns the "company" but kids passed it on to me idk Its complex


Hahha I'd just love wach my gifs I post I just have the humor of like a 10 year old lol here's another warning if you don't looks corgi dogs eating lettuce


Ughh I feel so bad now