Hey, I'm a newbie!


Thanks! I can’t even English sometimes


I don’t have the app yet, but I love coding!

I know a little but not a lot


I forgot to answer your last question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t know yet. Games… trail art…


Hi! :DDD
Sadly, there aren’t many coders on the forum, but some who do go on here are @CreationsOfaNoob, @William04GamerA, and myself. You can ask for help from me anytime!


a lot


Hello! No you don’t tag everyone but you tag a lot of people with the OMTL


Hi! I hope you enjoy the forum. A lot of people have probably already said, but tag me if you want help. I’m @DaughterOfHades.


Sorry I’m late but hi I’m KVJ Tag me anytime you need help :slight_smile:


Hello there! Welcome to HS Forums! I’m @KawaiiOaktree3 (the username is weird, I know. It’s a LONG story… >-<) Anyway, tag me if you need someone to talk to, okay?