Hey! I left Hopscotch, but I will still be here on the forum!



Hey, guys!!!!! It's me, Cheeto!! My school ipads were tooken away a while ago, and now i cant use hopscotch,(by the way im writting this message on my sisters laptop). Anyways, I really miss Hopscotch. And it hurts that I cant go on there anymore. But, Im still here on the forum, and that still kinda counts, right? Anyways, can people tell me whats happening in Hopscotch, so I can fel like Im still there. I would really be thankful for it. (Oh and did any of my games get on featured or trending or rising?!). Anyways, bye!!!


Hai! The same thing happened to me. I'm just chillin' on the forum until I can code again! It's great because I feared I'd completely lose contact with Hopscotch over the summer and have to start all over again in the fall.


The bad part is, I'm going to middle school (whoo hoo!!!!!), and in middle school they dont have ipads for me to use (boo!). But I am getting a phone in August, so I might come back. But many people say Iphone Hopscotch has ALOT of bugs. So i dont know if i will come back for sure. but for now, i think i will come back.:cold_sweat::slight_smile: