Hey Hopscotchers, Let's Get "Wicked"!



I don't know if anyone has seen it, but there's this Broadway musical called Wicked. It is absolutely my favorite musical of all time (I have the T-shirt, the soundtrack CD, and the book!!) so why not create a coding club for it?
Of course, it would be for everyone. Meaning it's even for people who don't know about Wicked! Just confirming that.
For those of you who have never even heard of Wicked, just ask and I will explain the basic storyline to you. It would be really interesting for anyone who's seen The Wizard of Oz!

Form to join:

HS username:
Have you ever seen Wicked:
If so, what is your favorite song from it:
What would you do in this coding club:

By the way, we are the Wicked Wonder Coders. Feel free to ask questions!

starts humming Defying Gravity

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Since you seem to be waiting for replies...
I would enter, but I don't know Wicked, sorry!


But you can still join even if you don't know about it. :slight_smile:
But of you also can't because you're busy or just don't feel like it, I completely understand.


Yeah, I am pretty busy, what with the unicorn potato stuff. XD
Plus I'm in an MLP collab. XD


You're fine! :slight_smile:
I completely understand being that busy.


You're very understanding. :blush:


Yay! Can I join? :D


HS username:RubyStars
Have you ever seen Wicked:Yes! It's one of my two favorite musicals!
If so, what is your favorite song from it:I can't decide!

Random List of my favorites

For Good
Defying Gravity
The Wizard and I
Something Bad
Dancing through Life
One Short Day
I'm not that girl

That's like all the songs XD

What would you do in this coding club?Idk, everything!

Could you tell I was really hyped when I typed this? XD


You're in!

Whoop whoop! :D!