Hey, hey, hey, cool down


In the defense of @FearlessPhoenix

Nicely worded

This is the nice version of what I'm saying.

Okay... Guys, can we stop fighting with FP on the drawing topic? It was just closed, and she doesn't feel good about it... Everyone's opinion is valid, and we need to respect that her opinion was that she could make the new topic. @Anonymous, you posted spam that closed the topic. Please stop... On another note, though... We need to stop and maybe apologize to poor FP? She feels bad enough and doesn't need anymore fighting. I think we should give her a break.. I have indeed been through this, and it feels awful. We seriously need to be nice and supportive right now :D

Harsher version

We need to stop. You guys are being seriously harsh about one little topic. Get over it and move on. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean we should all go crazy and start being so mean that she gets really hurt by you guys. It's just not nice. All of us have made a mistake and you shouldn't be yelling at her for this. She feels bad enough.

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@Milkypup lol


Agreed :333


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Thanks guys ^^

Glad no one is fueling the flames


This is like the 5th or 6th topic about the same thing
I think we now need to cool it because we are overdoing it


Np :333


welp nvm about the post above

I think we should be able to stand up for our friends


We should for sure :+1:


That's just what I was doing, sorry if you took it another way :D




I agree with you, people should stop assuming they created the topic for popularity because:

One: People who want to be popular aren't bad unless they pretend to have a disability/disorder for attention or anything like that. They are also not bad if they don't beg, and they basically don't hurt anyone.
Two: They don't show much signs of it


I agree, we need to apologize to poor ol' innocent (I think) FP. She got her buttons pushed bc Anonymous posted (HECKAANNOYING) random vids. @FearlessPhoenix srry


Wow... I am so touched. Thanks for doing this, @Refugeecat123! And to everyone that agrees!


Np you deserve it senpai!
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I am so not senpai.. just a random gal that stumbled upon this amazing topic.. and sure, I'd love to be on you're fren list!


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And yes, you are so senpai! Who agrees?


I sorta agree but my senpai is my fellow MNer HITO


I've noticed that Anonymous has been posting spam-like things lately, which is not like him, or rather, not much like him. I've wondered about that..


I don't think Anonymous cares about the rules here anymore.


I don't think anyone does