Hey hello I'm new


Hey I’m CreativeSmile!!!
Tell me so how things work around here!!
I’m interested to learn :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Some helpful tips from @MiNi


Hi! Welcome!

This is a place to talk about Hopscotch and get to know each other.

Read the community guidelines and feel free to tag me if you need anything!


I’m Kitty4U. Call me Cure Joker if you want.


You…spam liked me…

But hi! Welcome to the forum!


Yeah sorry! I couldn’t not reply to anything so I just liked it


WOW thanks!
So what’s this all about
WHAT is Hopscotch??


Hello @CreativeSmile78!
This is the Hopscotch forum!
It’s based off of the app Hopscotch.


Hey! I’m Dude73, or Dudey, or El, whatever you want to call me. I’ve been on this forum for almost two years now, so if you have any questions you can ask me.
I’ve also been on the app, hopscotch, for two years as well, so I can tell you about that if you want. :D


Welcome to the forum!

This is a place to get help with Hopscotch and talk to other Hopscotchers :D


Hi I’m Hoped Hoper (Aka A Pikachu Spy)! Feel Free to tag me like this @ HopedHoper (No Space) ! Please read the community guidelines! Hope you have a splendid time!


OK I will download Hopscotch maybe!!!


Welcome to the forum!


How’d you find out about this forum? Do you know what Hopscotch is? :o


Well I like to code and I was looking up something but I found this and I was interested.
So I have downloaded Hopscotch! It is a lot like an old program I use!


It’s a great app for learning to code. It uses simple block programming and is easy to understand, so you’ll learn quickly.


Do you mean Scratch? :D


That’s great! I hope you enjoy your time here. :)


Yes it’s very fun!!
The things people make are so cool, but my stuff isn’t that good. Hopscotch seems good and it looks easy to handle! :grinning:


I’ve done scratch before in school. You get to do cool stuff, but I prefer Hopscotch.
Check out my projects! I’m Koala Krazy.