Hey Guys, Who wants to do a collab?



Hey Guys, yes its me Unicorn, I was featured on the Hopscotch Official App a couple of days ago with my game, The Combat Of Hopscotch. This has had 189 likes and 5191 plays still counting! Thank You everyone for liking my post! Yay! But im only on the forum now for one reason. I would like to make a massive collab game on The Hopscotch App Together. Please comment your username and I will post a list on the Forum and My Profile on the app who have joined. Many Thanks And see you there! UnicornRainbow xxx


Cool! I would really like to collaborate with you, although I don’t think that I have the time, unfortunately. Good luck with your collaboration though!


Mabye someday :herb: ;p (someday = very very soon)


Can I too? I got featured recently! Cough Cough https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zu22zhcna


Click the link for my username too because I can’t type it on the forum.


Okay sure, I love what you do see you on the app. I will start following you UnicornRainbow :sparkling_heart:


Could I collaborate with u?


Yeah, sure. Okay let’s work here. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s going to be this if that okay…

Here is the WIP


Okay! Have u seen the neon version I made???


Yeah, it cool. However, it would look like I took it from you as I would REMIX