Hey guys, think about inviting some of your friends to hopscocth and the forum, you get a a badge for it anyway and it means more awesome people! *forum notice ad*



The title literally says it all


How do you invite people?

I think it's the invite button, but I don't know. XD


One sec...





I knew it!!!

I just wasn't sure. XD


K problem solved for @Catface4 thx for doing what I was doing @MR.GAM3R :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Lol I was searching and reading so many topic and nothing ._.


The invite button doesn't invite people to the forum, it invites them to the topic! ^*^

If that's what you thought ;D


There is a way to invite people to the forum by email :D


Ohhh right XD

Is that what you mean @Gabe_N?


What is that weird dot o_O


No there's a invite button I think in ur profile and u put in ur friends or family members email and it invites them
I did it with my dad @zach



Rightio then


That's for people who have disabilities with touching the screen or tapping things so they use that to get around on there iPad
I have it too, I'm not disabled tho I just have it because some times my iPad does weird things and the home button doesn't respond ;-;


I have tried to tell about hopscotch for my friends, but they think it is super hard.


I invited my backup a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Why can't u show them?


Nobody wants to learn how to code...


I have like 4 friends XD
Idk why one won't get HS XD
The other got banned from using the forum at my house due to using it too much XD
Idk if the other's have joined HS or no :s