Hey guys thanks!



Hi guys it's LG and I am so thankful for all the help and support you have been giving me. THANKYOU!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: All the support has been filling my activity!!! I am SO thankful and so amazed at how nice you all are to newbies!

Also, I just want to figure out how you post screenshots on here (I'm such a noob)


Hi! Welcome to the forum @LizardGirl-forum


Welcome to the forum @LizardGirl-forum :D


Welcome to the forum! :D

Anyway, to post screenshots, just tap this button:

I hope this helps! :D


@LizardGirl-forum Welcome! And I hope you'll enjoy all the forums have to offer! :smile:


Hello there, welcome to the fourm!

We really hope you have a nice time here on the fourm!

@Mathgirl allready showed how to add pictures so er yeah!

I know this is your first topic so I will cut you some slack but we appreciate if you don't use some words like that on the fourm!:grin:


But it's your first time so you didn't know!:smile:


Welcome to the forum! :D

Maybe check the community guidelines- @Liza automatically sends them to you when you join! C:

Like @Huggingfluffybear said, please don't use that language on the forum.

Be warned that since you just joined, you have limited replies so use them wisely!

If you need help, get my attention by saying @LazyLizard!

@LamspBlueverryJuts srsly? :joy: