Hey guys let's make satisfying projects in Hopscotch BUT HOW?


Guys here you can post projects and project tutorials on how to make satisfying stuff in Hopscotch I hope it's super satisfying


Satisfying? What do you mean?


As in helpful to others, if I assume


No satisfying is a YouTube trend but it's hard to explain


I'll link some videos later


Oh...didn't know about dat


You mean those overly copyrighted videos called "The most satisfying video ever"

Yeah no


Why can't we're make stuff like that in Hopscotch I mean it would be so satisfying


How would we do that exactly? Art? Mechanics? Patterns?




It's actually quite hard to recreate that.

Also, I'd suggest you do some surveys on what people find satisfying, or things like that, before jumping straight into "HEY GEE LET'S MIX PAINT".


Yeah, it gets kind of repetitive after the first few hundred videos titled "The Most Satisfying Video in the World" and such.



That hurts my feelings because I thought it was a good idea


Wasn't very nice, we were just explaining the boundaries and the preparations


If you don't like my idea then don't comment on the topic


I think this would get us nowhere if we keep on arguing.
Pls let's settle our differences


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Guys pls stop this. No one dislikes each other @cash I'm ur friend and she probably is 2.


Maybe she doesn't know it hurts u but we are all friends. That's the most important thing here.


I'm going to sleep I'm tired of watching diy and satisfying videos for today
See ya tomorrow, YouTube
See ya Sunday, homework
And all the diy life hacks I learned....
I went rock climbing with my friend today it was awesome I went so high and we ate but my dad embarrassed me when her mom came to drop me off at my house because he was hurting my dog and kicking her when all the was doi was sniffing her mom and her mom likes my dog :frowning: