Hey guys... Just testing this out



I have no idea what Im doing…


Hi toadstools! Welcome to the forum my friend ^^
If you have any questions about the forum, feel free to ask!


Hello and welcome to the forum! If you need a little help, you can read this:


Welcome to the forum! I am @the_dancer!

Do you have any specific questions we can help you with?


To everyone here, I need to know why it takes so long form my posts to come out… pls


Wait. That post just like… happened. No wait… weird


One of the reasons why is because since you just joined a day ago, you are still considered a “basic user.” The forum has specific trust levels. When you first join, you are considered a basic user. All of your posts are moderated, and you can only create a certain amount of posts/topics at a time. You also have limited likes.

Any other questions?


Yes, why is there no wait now? How many posts and likes do I get per day, and uhmmm… thats it. Btw, thanks so much.


Looking at your stats since you’ve joined, you have created one topic, 11 posts, and have given 15+ likes. You are still a basic user… so keep doing what you are doing. If your account get’s suspended by a THT member, don’t worry! That is normal for new users. That just means that you are creating a lot of new topics or posts and no one from THT has approved your account yet. So, they want to confirm that you are safe to join!

How long would you have to wait before one of your posts published?

Your welcome!! Feel free to ask any forumer if you have questions/concerns!


Ohhhh that makes a lot of sense now. Also, like a day and a half but there is no wait now so I guess it doesnt matter?


Basic users tend to have a lot of restrictions, especially when you first start out. It was probably another limitation: ignore it for now, but if it starts up again in the future notify a THT member.