Hey guys I'm new


What he said was really bad.


Why would anyone think I am mean? I have so many kind and insightful posts! You should read them!




DD: what did you just say???


I am not xse! He has so many kind and insightful posts, I would want to be him! Stop assuming!


Okay, you’re new, but you know about all the stuff xse said on his alternate? Mmhm


I am not a bully! I am kind and respectful.


Woah. You know, we do know ciphers around here

He is 14.


Yes! He/I was very nice on that account. Of course I did some reading and I think my posts were very nice. Telling someone they’re terrible at coding and making fun of Jewish people is good!


I know i was just thinking… :000 xse


I decided to switch from the don’t assume part to the im xse part


If you’re not him, you’re at least someone I know that is just joking around.


Please explain.




I may or not be him! I want to be him, because he has many kind and insightful posts. I shall refer to myself as xse because I agree with him.


Disclaimer: I’m being sarcastic


you do you than…


I can’t do it.


This is a cipher

Irdk the rest


Oof I’m tired