Hey guys I'm new


Hey I’m new on the forum. I would love some help.


Hello I’m fatcat!


Oh, help, yes, of course.
This is a place where we dont try to be inappropriate. We don’t bully. Also, we don’t make alternate accounts to avoid suspension.

But shouldn’t it be swx?
Edit: nvm, you did the cipher right.

Just don’t get the mental health topic closed again.


Hello! I would highly recommend following along with the tutorial from the private message you should have recieved from Discobot. It’s a lot of help.




We don’t know for sure




Why are there so many xse wannabe’s?


im so sorry what have i done


It’s all goooochie :ok_hand:


Lmao I started this I think




This was flagged? How is this spam? I am only a new user!


It’s hard to pretend to be xse. Once you have the three letter username you have to be mean and I’m not up to that


I never really thought xse was mean. He was just in a bad situation at the time. He can’t be anymore then 14 years old…


But what he was saying was wrong


Your right. I was hoping I could work with him a little bit…


I tried but I couldn’t


The best way to do it is to try to stay kind to them. Don’t just yell at them (It gets under there nerves if you are nice to them). If you get mad at them and shout, in their mind, it justifies their cause.


Nah. I think he was mean. The stuff he said…
About people with mental illnesses, and he said some stuff about Jewish people too…