Hey guys! I'm new!



Welcome to the forum!!

Everyone will be super nice; they already are! Here are some tips:

  • keep everything related to hopscotch
  • search before you post (SBYP) so there's no duplicate topics!
  • try not to be mean!

If you ever need help just tag me (@Rainboom) and I'll help! ;D

EDIT: dang it, @Catface4 beat me XD


Like this?



Use an emoji to get another badge! ;D


Yes. I didn't say the rest of it (like how to @ someone) because I saw you put @StarryMoonShine in that post. XD





Just uploaded a profile pic. Working on description. See ya.


If you ever have a post that is less than 20 characters, there is this trick. If you put an < symbol and don't use a space, the text after that will be invisible!

Like this:

<secret message will appear here

It didn't work because I used something to block it. :D




Like everyone else said, @ me if you need help, advice or a friend. Happy foruming!
- @Potter_Head


Lol I did it! Good to know. :smiley:


Hi! Welcome to the Forum!:wink:

Little Trick

type down this code and it will do a little trick!:wink: [details=(something)] (something else) [/details]


But I can't use all my replies in one place. Making a new topic. A general topic. Bai.




Thanks @StarryDream!


You're welcome, Sarah!:wink:


Welcome to the community, we're glad to have you! Remember to read the community guidelines before going any further!

If you ever need anything just tag me like this @Malie and if be happy to help!


Welcome! I'm so late as usual…
Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime!


Hi, welcome to the forum! :blush: If you need any help just @ me like this:




Welcome to the forum!