Hey Guys, I'm Back!


Hello New And Old Forumers! It's me, TrevCoding, here to return to the forums. (IDK how long my stay will be but enjoy it while it lasts) If you don't remember me or you are new and don't know me then here's a little bit about me.

Featured Games (From Oldest To Nestest)

  1. 3D Draw
  2. Galaxy Rider v3
  3. Surgeon Simulated (Blood Clot)
  4. Gravitys Pull
  5. Pixel Pad v7
  6. Mope.io

Hopscotch Account

Account Name: TrevCoding

Latest Post: Mope.io

Joined: April 2015

First Project: Emoji Ruch
(Fun Fact, I misspelled my first project. It was supposed to be Emoji Rush)

Age: 13

Favorite Project: Hard To Say, But I Love My Game Pixel Pad because I put a lot of detail into it and it took me a course of multiple days to polish it.

A Few Questions That May Or May Not Have Ever Been Asked To Me

How did you find hopscotch?

I was looking for an ok HTML editor on the App Store then I saw hopscotch and it was basically love at first site.

Do you do any programming today? If you do what language are you programming in?

I do program, I've been into Java for a while now increasing my knowledge through college textbooks for it. I've also been getting into C++ recently.

Have any good projects for hopscotch right now?

Maybe, Maybe Not. :smirk:

Any blocks you wish were in hopscotch?

A set image block. I can see this being used for animation and really cool games. I also would love to see something done with sounds and more account customization too.

I hope people will like that I have returned and I hope that I will be able to stay on here for a long time!

Have any questions? Ask me on here! Need help? Just tag me, I'm pretty good at everything on hopscotch except pixel art.


Welcome back!


Welcome back! @TrevCoding!


Welcome back, @TrevCoding!
It's great to see that you're back and ready to code more games, your games are really AWESOME!!


I'm glad to see that you think my games are good!


What do you think of the new additions to hopscotch since you've been here last, are some of them surprising to you or useful for making games?


I wasn't gone for tooooooo long and plus I would read updates on hopscotch and occasionally get on and look at a few featured projects. I may even mess around with a few idea but I haven't been on the forums pretty much at all for around a month or two


@PumpkinGirl also I was looking for a project I think went by the name '3D terrain generator' and I can't find it anymore :confused: , it was basically a bunch of dots in a 3D plain and you could change mountain heights and water levels. I thought it was featured but I scrolled for hours with no luck. Just so that I'm not crazy, do you know the project I'm talking about ?


I'm not sure what project you're talking about, is it one of CreationsofAnNoob's projects??


Yay! Welcome back!!!


I'm not PumpkinGirl but I think I know the project you are talking about.. And you don't know my but I've seen your projects, they are very good. WELCOME BACK!!

Is this the one?


Welcome back @TrevCoding! I've missed you while you were gone.


Yep! I could have sworn I checked creationsofanoobs page


Hey, I remember your games! They were awesome!

Yes, a set image block would be nice (or just being able to have the change pose block be just that)


He released loads of cool projects recently, maybe it's buried beneath all of them??


I found it! It was a CreationsOfANoobs game

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