Hey guys I'm back! Anything new?!


Hey it's Trendygirl and I am back. I just had a short break to take my mind of things but now you get to see smiley me again! Just saying I'm leavin.g for 5days tomorrow on a school trip but please update me!
Thx love you all


Hi :))))


Heeeyy fren what's up ?




Hiii! We missed you!


I've missed you guys too! Any drama been going on? Any interesting projects that have come out?


Weeell I made a project called World of Hopscotch and it's scrollable everywhere! (It's totally bawd tho XD)

And Swag pikachu made a really awesome toy story logo pixel art!

And there's a bunch of other cool projects too!!


O. M. G.

Why you no tag me? Aaargh I always miss these things. Welcome back @Trendygirl!!!


5 days, school trip - outdoor ed?


Hello - we have missed you! Welcome back.


Hi! 14 days late, but hi!