Hey guys...I want to say


it's okay starry!!! i dont see myself as a positive person, nor helpful nor kind. but apparently people still like me???
you shouldnt have to hide behind a facade, we want to know about you, hang out with you, not fake you!
we would accept you no matter what ^^


I'll change it back someday
Here is the pic if u miss it


I'm kinda confused sorry
But it's good that your not leaving


Look at you top like list....hehe

Oh yes



Dude, if I acted like the real me all the way through, I would be known as another person.

I am not the type of person the Forum would accept.


I'm definitely NOT leaving, though I am currently quite inactive.


My second day now...
...still a bit confusing running from class to class...


School just started for u???!!


Who cares?

Don't live your life trying to please this forum. Trust me on two things:

  1. You will be happier being yourself. it's exhausting trying to be who you're not.

  2. Your real friends will accept you and stick with you no matter what.


It's good to keep a school map if the school you are going to is new! Try listing down the classes in order if you haven't already.



I still don't accept the Whitney thing though,


I am someone who wanted to be "mature, positive, and leader-like" on this Forum because I though it was "cool" and would give me a good reputation. But after months of attempting, I now realised that this type of "personality" doesn't suit me and I just have to act like the real me.

Let's say that you wanna catch the trends and learn how to bottle flip. Because you want to appear cool and have admirers, but after countless tries, you failed. And the lid isn't very stable, so sometimes when you flip the bottle it goes off and the water spills. So? You gave up and focused on your usual hobbies.


I kept a student diary with my schedule, timetable, campus map, etc.

The start of middle school is a bit tough for me.



I just finished my homework.


Why do u always use your name when you r mad?
Don't want to wright full words


Just because



I'm feeling random RN

And pretty emotionless


What's up? If you need a friend, I'm here. A bunch of us are going through/have gone through middle school (I'm in it), and we can lean on each other.

I've got a little more experience than you, so if you need any tips or someone to talk too....:smile:

Middle school can be rough.


I've been always figuring things out by myself.

Middle school is pretty rough, but it's just a phase, and I'm getting used to it.


Looking back on my old topics…


@t7lks clive quite old