Hey guys! I just want to know



If anyone would please give me a request. I know it's probably mean or rude, to ask like this but it's better than,
"Requests please."
"I need requests, now."
"Give me a request!"

Yeah, but I mean drawing request. I love to draw and on hopscotch, I beg for requests and you know what?


I never get ANY. Like, none at ALL. To make other people happy, i give other people requests when they ask.

Anyway, any requests?



Can you draw a Jedi
or BB-8

for me


Draw meh


Skin Olive Tone
Hair Color Hazelnut with Purple Highlights
Hair Style Long Hair and Wavy
Glasses Black and Hot Pink Stripes with Square Lenses
Shirt Light Purple Crop Top
Pants Ripped Jeans Color Light Blue
Shoes Plain Black Flats
Bracelet Purple Beads with a Sliver Cross


Draw Chara and Frisk! =) Or Underswap Papyrus and Sans.


Bb8 shall rule!


BB-8 will take over the world.

But now we will GBOT


Omg! Thanks so much guys! I'm so happy! I especially like @YuxinaYammy 's request. I will try to get all these in! Thanks!


Also, guys, @Sweetlina , I just want to tell you guys, I usually only do head shots, if that's okay.


Hoi @PotatoLover3!
Here's a headshot request

Hair: pure black. Done in a low bun and tied with a moss-green ribbon
Eyes: brownish black
Skin tone: medium peach



Thanks! I know your hopscotch account, too.


I will have to do them during lunch period at school, or on Friday. Sorry, guys.



Sorry for the late reply


Hi I want one :D

Hair color: brown with a tiny bit of light brown streaks

Hair style: Straight at top but gets more wavy as it goes down

Hair length: At my upper chest/slightly longer than to my shoulders

Eye color: Blue-gray

Skin tone: That apricot color in crayons but a tiny bit whiter


Skin: R.G.B.(255,224,189)
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long (goes beyond shoulders) and down
Glasses: Blue with brown sides
Shirt: Turquoise
Eyes: Hazel
Hat: Hopscotch hat

And yes, I am a girl...I don't know if this surprises people or not.


Yey! I'm BB-8's friend! We are so alike


Can you draw me?
Skin: pale
Eyes: hazel
Hair: brown, straight, no bangs, to shoulder
Glasses: purple, with teal sides
Any clothes are fine!


@AwesomeJediE we look alike, I guess. I'm going to go up to down on requests. Thanks! Btw, @Glitter_Kitty , I love your account pic!


I can't wait for Underswap to be released! The development was paused though, unfortunately. :\


Wait, that's an actual game coming out? Wow, all I want to see is Underswap Mettaton.

robotic shaking


He's swapped with Napstablook, and he's a DJ! :D