Hey guys I just joined the forum but I'm a long time hopper



The bacon one xD


I'll do it right now!


Welcome to the forum! I follow you on hopscotch, you're one of my big inspirations.


Welcome to the forum! I love your projects. :D


Wow hey you guys are like really popular :flushed:


Welcome to the forum, @HPMForum!
Here are some of the basics of the forum:
- Do you like someone else's post? Like it by clicking the :heart:️ at the bottom of the post!
- Do you think someone's post violates the Community Guidelines? Flag it by clicking the at the bottom of the post and clicking the :flag_white:! Then, choose one of the options that suits the post and flag it!
Note that you have limited likes and flags, which is much more noticeable on your first day!
- Do you want to share a post in a different topic? Click the :link: at the bottom of the post, select and copy the link, and you can share it by pasting it when making a post!
- Do you want to save a post to go back to it? Bookmark it by clicking the at the bottom of the post and clicking the ! Now you can go to your profile, by going to "Activity" by clicking "Summary" and changing "All" to "Bookmarks", to see it!

Now, there are a few other things I'd like to share—other people's topics!
Here's a tutorial by Yummy_Muffin, which goes through things I didn't cover!
Here's a tutorial by bluedogmc-official, which gives tips on making topics!
Finally, you should read the message Liza sent you too! If you already have, awesome!
If you want any more help, just tag me like this: @GysvANDRegulus! (P.S. you can do this to any user and it'll notify them)
I hoped this helped! :D
Also: your trail and pixel arts are really cute! I don't know how you make so much in a day!


IM not popular


Yay! You finally joined! A while ago I actually was searching for you, to see if you had an account, well, It's great that you do now!

Introduction and definition of the forum:
Some place where you talk about HS and stuff. It's more fun than it sounds.

I'm not going to explain everything because it's actually kind of fun figuring out all the features.


Omg thank you for making my request it's looks amazing I remixed it...I wish I could make it but....


Thank you and no problem


That's real skill right there you can to trail art and pixel art xD



Anyways, welcome! I'll be stalking the drawing topic.


Hi! Im Steelhooves, you can call me Steel. Im known as Steelhooves on Hopscotch, I make draw pads, and remix tons of stuff. Noice to meet you, HotPinkMoonbaem. (Nice projects)

If you ever need me for any reason, tag me. @Steelhooves
Put @ and then someones HSF user and it'll tag them. Like this: @HPMForum


Also I think your birthday is coming soon for no reason


While im here i might as well request. do Nick Wilde!
(and maybe Temmie from Undertale)


I made this some time ago


The thing about the Forum, that I love, is that popularity matters so little. I can talk with people normally, instead of having to surpass the invisible walls of "popularity" to reach someone.


101% true.
margin of error: 1%


That 1 percent being MagmaPOP and other legends like him.


Uh hoi I recently sent a request to you and I wanted to remind you my acc is AlexCoder202. And umm welcome to the forum I guess this might be a little late but ya know what they say "it's the thought that counts".umm my fingers are hurting now so I'm going to stop typing so bye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: