Hey guys I just joined the forum but I'm a long time hopper



Welcome to the forums, @HPMForum!!


Thank you so much! People are sooo welcoming this is great


Welcome to the forum! I have seen a lot of your projects and your a great coder!


Your hopcotch is #goals!


Welcome! Glad you're here! Your Hopscotch projects are so creative and cute. Do you plan out your projects before you make them, or just dive right in?


Those are the community guidelines!

The forum is a great place!

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Bold print is done like this: **Bold**
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OMTL is coming in!


Well, I mostly take requests so other people do the idea making and planning for me :joy:. But besides that, yeah, I just start coding.


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Omg hai!
Welcome to the forum!! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge. Tag me anytime you want help like so: "@KVJ"!


Omg your the person who codes the Disney things...


Yeah... Lol those are fun


You get my request?? XDyou should teach me how to make one and plus you only have certain amount of relays use wisely I hope I can be your friend


Which one was it for?


Btw you have limited replies on your first day so be aware!


The bacon one xD


I'll do it right now!


Welcome to the forum! I follow you on hopscotch, you're one of my big inspirations.


Welcome to the forum! I love your projects. :D


Wow hey you guys are like really popular :flushed: