Hey guys, I am back



Hey hopscotchers! So… I have a surprise!




I AM @StarKid! I currently changed emails and totally forgot my password to my last account. So. I thought I can have a new fresh start! I am so excited to start this new account, btw I also have a new hopscotch account called SUPERKID💫! I am back, and back to stay. Back for no hate. Back for no drama. I am back to learn. code. and have fun. That is what hopscotch is for!


Hey I’m back too :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello! Welcome back!

What happened to the collab between me, @Allyb and you?


We didn’t have time to complete it before summer comp deadline


Hello and welcome back, I have missed you!


I know, but he wasn’t there while we had time to complete it…


Sorry about that…