Hey guys.... Can you help?


Uhh... I'm having this glitch where I can't reply to people in a thread... can someone help? I was able to do it earlier.


I think you've run out of replies. A new user has limited replies on their first day :D


I think it's not a glitch. (Terrible grammar) Anyway, you're name reminds me of MCPE on a server called G4 fun, about a year ago. XD


On,y it was Xman0219, I think.


Mmmm...maybe you ran out of replies or something?

That Asriel in your Profile picture is so cute!


Since you joined a couple of days ago, maybe your all out of replies. BTW welcome to Hopscotch Forum! Tag me anytime!


I really dunno. It might've been me cuz I've been on a lot of different servers, but probably not. I have always really been Xman0417.


@Explorer_ thanks! I sorta figured that out after I posted this topic. But thank you!


Thanks! @CandyflossClouds !


Ok, good to know! :blush:


Were you ever co owner on one?


No. That was probably someone else then.:neutral_face:


Oh hi! You know me! Welcome to da forum!


Hello, @Xman0417!
Welcome to the forum!


O hey Hitokage! My friend and I (My friend is a Pokémon nerd.... I'm a nerd in generall) about what Charmander in Japanese was. He didn't believe me when I said Hitokage.


Well, then he isn't a true PokeNerd


Lol. He watches a lot of anime so when I told him that it was Hitokage, he thought of one anime called Naruto.



I'm the real pokénerd