Hey guise(Thixs to all)


This is about youtube. When I was allowed to do it.I got over 1,000 views on one video. THANK YOU SO MUCH


I subbed your channel I think I don't remember
Speaking of YouTube aaaaaaa tomorrow Jacobs new music video comes out
Edit: yeha I did sub


Congrats! :smiley: :tada:


what is the videooooo


I privated all of the videos.


Congrats!!! Your on your way to YouTube fame!


Thank you @Niftynia75.


I messed up :confused:


Congratulations! What is your account?


I made all of the videos private and I can't share it. Hopscotch Forums Rules


Kool! Congrats! Maybe post this on the Random topic?


Okay, I understand. Good luck with your videos!