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If you want to be a future coder, we talk about future games that we could make so we could become famous.


I've been thinking about some army game like clash royale but you havearmy players that you can upgrade and battle online. Do you like my idea?


First to reply. Hello @aabb1111
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So did you like my idea?


I like this idea, but on HS you can't make an online game...


I want to be a coder when I grow up!


I'm talking about future coding. (Real coding)


I'm going to edit pictures to make an idea what I will make in the future


Here are the chests that I'm thinking of adding

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You wont be able to add the pictures on HS, unless you subscribe.


Go up and read the other posts!

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Wow, planning ahead of time xD


Do you like my idea?

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and yeh it seems good.


I'm thinking of rifle men, machine gun men, shot gun men, and rocket launcher men. (I'm thinking about which chest you can get the rocket man in.

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Maybe you can get them in the great chest and in the higher chests.

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I'm thinking of 1 card per pack. The basic pack will get you 3 of the basic guys (shotgun, machine gun, rifle), the great pack will get you 10 of the basic guys plus a chance to get you 1 rocket launcher. The super pack will give you 25 of the basic guy, 3 rocket launchers, and a chance to get one of the basic spawners (It will spawn 5 guys per 10 seconds, not rocket), and the legendary chest will give you 50 basic guys, 10 rocket launchers, or a legendary spawner (This spawns 10 guys per 10 seconds, not rocket launcher).


Here is my army page

Yes, it is completely ballin'


The cars include a jeep, tank, and helicopter

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You can get 1 jeep in basic, 5 in great, 10 in super, 25 in legendary. You can get 1 tank in super, 5 in legendary. You can get 1 helicopter in great, 3 in super, 5 in legendary. (A tank is better than a helicopter because a helicopter can easily be shot down by a rifle man. But if you send more than one at a time, it will be more helpful).

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