Hey frendos :DDD



So with recent... events, alot of HS/F'ers have been upset, change is hard, i know.

And if... anyone needs a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen or someone to rant/vent to, im here.

If there's anything i can do to cheer you guys up, just ask ;D

there's no good category for this...


Hi Ava
Cool topic!


Thanks dudey :DDD


I need a shoulder because my mine is both wet!

Just kidding


@AvocadoDont haven't seen u for a while


I dunno anymore, being leaders and mods were so important to them. They were all awesome leaders. And honestly, I think THT should just focus on the app and let mature trustworthy kids watch the forum.

THT doesn't know many things, like some community established rules, they won't have time to go through new topics everyday, and they're not on over the weekends.

I miss them, I really do. ;n;


Yeah, ive been around though, just on different topics i guess ¯\_('^')_/¯


I need to rant and cry on you rn but must wait till the end of school day


:sob: :sob: :sob:


Ok, ill be on :)


Thanks a bunch @AvocadoDont ;u;


No problem frendo :)


I know....
I've seen u posting on topics but haven't chatted ...


Mm, yeah, that happens :/


I need to cry on a shoulder. :frowning2:


It happened with SmileyAlyssa Rawrbear PhaseAdmin Dudey Annony heaps of others


Ok, i cant physically be there, but you can vent here if you need to :)




virtually crys on shoulder


pats your shoulder